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At Hunter Capital Solutions, we understand the efforts that our clients put into maintaining and growing their business. With the most creative and aggressive underwriting teams in the industry, large approvals in the quickest time frames is why our clients choose to build long-term relationships with us. Send in an application along with 3 months of your business's most recent bank statements and we will have an answer within 24 hours.


As a direct lender your information is kept private and is not shared under any circumstances. 


There's a reason why 76% of our customers come back again and again: We take your business as serious as you do.

Step 1

Submit our 1 page application online (click here) or download and email along with 3 months of your most recent bank statements. This should take no more than 5 minutes.

Fill Out The Application

Step 2

Once our team of underwriters review your application, we will contact you with an offer within 24 hours. 

Review Funding Offer Same Day

Step 3

After you accept an offer for funding, your funds will be transferred directly to your account within 24 hours.

Get Your Funding In 24 Hours


Easy Funding


With years of experience, our staff has the capabilities and expertise to take your business to the next level. At Hunter Capital Solutions, we combine our experience and skills to provide capital to allow your business to strive. We are a private lender that seeks to assist in helping your business grow and prosper.

Current Advance Refinancing


Have a current advance and the rate is too high and or you need more money? We look at the performance of a business and seek to get our merchants the best rates possible. If content with your current lender but in need of additional funds, we have the ability to assist and make sure your business has the necessary capital to allow your business to succeed.

Long-Term Capital At Hand


Our clients not only utilize our services for the now, but also for the future. We stay at bay for clients by making sure that even after initial funding, we are on standby for any additional funds that are needed. We do not focus on being a one time lender, we focus on being a lifetime partner that provides capital whenever needed.